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Community Resources

Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition (GPCC) - GPCC strives to promote awareness of prostate cancer through speaking engagements, health fairs, and their  monthly newsletter. They also partner with hospitals, clinics, and urologists who offer free screening events during the year especially for the uninsured.

The Happy Cow - Need helping finding healthy restaurants and food stores? The Happy Cow is staffed by vegans and vegetarians and is dedicated to helping people everywhere find healthy, plant-based food options.

Mothers Offering Resources and Education (M.O.R.E) - M.O.R.E. is a free service for pregnant women and women with infants less than a year old. Participants are matched with "Resource Mothers", who will provide women before and after their pregnancy with emotional support, education on how to have a healthy pregnancy, and ways on how to care for your child after birth.

Sisters By Choice (SBC) - Founded in 1989, SBC is an organization dedicated to providing breast cancer education, awareness, and support for women diagnosed with breast cancer. SBC provides free mammograms and breast exams to uninsured, unemployed, and homeless women as well as free educational seminars, workshops, and health fairs to promote breast cancer awareness.